What Do Turkish People Look Like(Characteristic and Fact)

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what do turkish people look like

What Do Turkish People Look Like. Have you ever hung out with turkish people. It may very well seem that the Tukies are different from other types of people. Want to know more clearly, see the following reviews.

They are easily angry, and they also like to bring up problems that have been resolved, then brought up again, but they also quickly subside their emotions. The plot is talk, fight, get annoyed, make up, talk again, fight annoyed, make up” just repeating it.

They are also loving. They are very expressive in expressing their feelings. Both with words and with body language. They also mostly talk bluntly. What’s on the mind, is immediately said, not like Indonesian people who like to think hard before speaking. What do turkish people look like, just look at this article.

Turkish girls are more into football. But guys too, but I’ve seen it several times, how come it seems that girls are more into football. There are two big camps in Turkey that are often idolized. Galatasaray or something else.  Also pay attention to related articles what did ancient greeks look like.

If I’m not mistaken. But, if you are a Turk, it is advised not to talk about it, because they are very sensitive. It’s like they are fighting for what they really want when they defend their team, just love peace. Do you what to know what do turkish people look like.

What Do Turkish People Look Like


what do turkish people look like
what do turkish people look like

Secularists VS Muslim Extremists

If it’s secular, it’s really secular, doesn’t care about religion, and is very free like westerners, but Muslims, especially extremists, are more strict with religious rules..the strictness is sometimes too much.. I don’t know if this is true or not, but every time I watch a Turkish movie that deals with freedom vs religious rules. for example like “Mustang”, or “Aglama Anne” and maybe other films..

What do turkish people look like? So the story is always that religious rules cause all conflicts to occur, and because religion actually causes problems in the family, so most of the Turkish films are religious vs secular films that direct or invite the audience to defend freedom or secularism rather than religion, because the religion that is practiced here is Islam which is too much. I don’t know what it is because Turkish culture is really Islamic, isn’t It, for example, like this. For example, there are 5 female siblings.

They were raised by their father and grandmother. his mother has died. Then, the children who are still teenagers grow up wanting all the freedoms of youth, like watching football, playing with male friends who are just ordinary/not dating, the scene where they are playing on the beach wearing normal school uniforms.

But there is a scene of one of the girls they are carried on the shoulders of their male friends..then there is another time when they wear sexy clothes at home / tank tops which even though they are only their own female friends. What do turkish people look like, for some Muslim families, maybe their parents just accept it while it’s still within limits, for example, it’s okay to watch football, as long as you don’t come home late, or it’s better to be accompanied by your father too.

And maybe some parents still allow their children to wear tank tops at home..not all of them though, well in this Turkish film, the grandmother and father are really Muslims but the strictness is outrageous.

Secularists VS Muslim Extremists

What do turkish people look like? They totally forbid their teenagers to do anything watching football is not allowed at all, not allowed to be friends with boys. Even when there are neighbors who know when the girls go to the beach and are carried from behind by their male friends, the father is furious and even takes a virginity test on his children.

So I think it’s the excesses that make the seculars hate and oppose the culture that leads to the boundaries of religion. So they call themselves selves who want freedom and don’t want to be restrained and are called people.

What do turkish people look like? Where secular people are people who are very compatible with the values ​​of freedom that have been embraced by the west.So I think Muslims in Turkey are mostly stricter than Muslims in other countrya, and once secular, they are also more secular than secular Indos , mostly secular they are more anti.

Turks Are Cleaners

So it’s true, Turks really like cleanliness, whether it’s cleanliness in their home environment or in public streets. If you watch Turkish dramas, they really like cleaning. exemplified for Indonesian people, most of whom still don’t care about cleanliness and garbage.

What do turkish people look like? Turkish friend also chose the wrong location to stay, so because he went to indo with “Low budget”, chose the rooms and locations are really shabby,then added, the room he got was dirty, the owner didn’t clean it, and that’s it, it’s dirty and dusty poor for him.

Next time it’s better to go to another country, pity because once I want to go on vacation, even the one who gets uncomfortable. Turks have high nationalism.They really love their country,their country is a dead price anyway

Especially The Secular Turks

Turks generally love their country too much, so they don’t really want to go abroad except for modern Turks who have the same obsession as modern Indonesians, to European countries.. France, UK, etc. What do turkish people look like? Turkish girls and Turkish guys pay a lot of attention to their appearance. Turks like to shout and get angry. They’re crazy “chay” can’t live without Chai or tea. Turkish fathers are very protective of their daughters, they are very jealous when their daughters are approached by boys.  Also pay attention to related articles what does magnolia scent like.

There are explanation about what do turkish people look like, hope this article is useful for you, who wants to know about Turkies people. Every people have their own style and character so just look the background for detail.

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