What Did Ancient Greeks Look Like(Economy,Arts,Differences)

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what did ancient greeks look like

What Did Ancient Greeks Look Like. Ancient Greek civilization which lasted for more than 2500 years and had achievements in many aspects of life. Some aspects of Greek life such as philosophical thought and the system of government are still applied today. The system of government of Ancient Greek civilization was a city state which consisted of many polis (sovereign cities).

The Spartan polis implemented a militaristic government to anticipate rebellions and attacks from outside. The Spartan polis was ruled by two kings at once for generations. The administration of government is carried out by a council of five people called the Ephors. The Spartan polis had a People’s Council which served as a legislature. Also pay attention to related articles what does magnolia scent like.

Polis Athens implemented a democratic system in which the highest power was in the hands of the People’s Council. The administration of the government is carried out by nine Archons who change every year. The performance of the Archons is overseen by the Aeropagus (Supreme Court). This article will give you information about what did ancient greeks look like.

What were the Ancient Greeks Like? Listen Come on!


what did ancient greeks look like
what did ancient greeks look like


In general, the economic life of Ancient Greece rests on the trade and industry sectors. Greece’s strategic location is at the crossroads of Southern Europe and the Middle East. The agricultural sector is only carried out in fertile areas, such as the Peloponesos.


In the field of art, Ancient Greece was able to develop the arts of literature, theatre, sculpture, and the art of building. Ancient Greek literature generally originates from heroic stories. An example of ancient Greek literature is the epic Iliad which tells of the Trojan war. Sculpture and building in ancient Greece produced temples and statues worshiping gods located in hilly areas. What did ancient greeks look like, you need to check this.

Examples of ancient Greek sculpture and buildings are the temple of Altis and the statue of Zeus at Olympia. Philosophy and Science In the book Nature of the Ancient Greek Mind (1986) by Muhammad Hatta, Ancient Greek civilization is the foundation of modern thought today. Many philosophers, social and scientific experts were born from the civilization of Ancient Greek civilization.

Examples of scientists and thinkers of Ancient Greece what did ancient greeks look likeare Aristotle, Socrates, Herodotus, Plato, Pythagoras, Achimedes and many others. Religion System Ancient Greek civilization adhered to the belief in Polytheism (many gods). The supreme gods in Ancient Greek civilization were Zeus (Lord of the Sky), Poseidon (Lord of the Sea) and Hades (Ruler of the Underworld).

The Differences Of Ancient Greeks and Roman

The Differences Of Ancient Greeks and Roman
The Differences Of Ancient Greeks and Roman

History records, in this world there are many civilizations that color human life. Both directly and indirectly, it has had an influence on the development of mankind from ancient times to modern society today. There are several examples of these great civilizations, such as the Persian, Ancient Greek, Roman, Islamic, Indian and Chinese Civilizations. Ancient Greek Ancient Greece is a period in Greek history that lasted approximately one thousand years and ended with the rise of Christianity.

Ancient Greek Civilization

What did ancient greeks look like, about civilization was distinguished by its high position in philosophy, literature, astronomy, and other sciences. However, the science of philosophy made this civilization even more special when a group of philosophers emerged in the field who had laid the foundations of this science in Greek civilization, such as Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato.

But in the field of religion, the Ancient Greeks were quite corrupt. They abandoned the worship of Allah SWT and instead worshiped many gods. Every single deity reflects one side of the sides of life and nature.

Besides all that, they also pay attention to sports. They organize sporting events every four years in the City of Olympia, and that is what modern society has adopted into the Olympic sporting events. Ancient Greece went through many phases of civilization. The golden age lasted around 600-300 BC. At that time, art and culture experienced rapid progress. What did ancient greeks look like, just check out this article.

Thanks to Emperor Alexander the Great, Greek culture and thought could spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The influence of Ancient Greek civilization also encouraged the Renaissance (rebirth) movement in mainland Western Europe and the rise of the Neo-Classical movement in the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe and America.

Roman Civilization

Ancient Rome contributed greatly to the development of law, war, art, literature, architecture, and language in the Western world and its history continues to have a profound influence in today’s world. The Roman state lasted for about a thousand years, i.e. 500 years before the birth of the Messiah and 500 years after his birth. This little bit different with what did ancient greeks look like.

Roman civilization is famous for its imitation of the forms of Greek civilization. They built theatres, theaters, bridges, parks, and dwellings. They are also proficient in the art of carving sculptures and pictures. In addition, comedy literature is also growing rapidly in its civilization. Roman culture derives its basic elements from the Etruscan and Greek cultures.

This means that Roman culture is the result of a blend of Greek and Etruscan culture, without any elements of Roman culture itself. In the field of science, the Romans were not the creators of theories, but the implementers of theories that had existed since the time of the ancient Greek civilization. What did ancient greeks look like, is the same with roman?

While the Greek scholar was the theorist, the Roman scholar was the practitioner. With this, the chain of scientific development that seemed to be broken is growing again. Persian Persians are one of the tribes that are included in the Iranian nation, use the Persian language and also have similarities in culture with other Iranian nations.

The majority of this nation lives in Iran and minorities in several other countries such as Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, United States of America, Kuwait, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, and also several countries in the Middle East. The Persian region was ruled by several kingdoms that formed powerful empires. However, the Medes succeeded in bringing these kingdoms under their rule. What did ancient greeks look like, different with other civilitazion right?. Also pay attention to related articles 7 orange pekoe tea benefits.

For language, they took it from the Aramaic people. The construction of their naval fleets was taken from the Phoenicians. Their kings were given the title syahinsyah (king of kings) who considered themselves to be the incarnation of God. There are explanation about what did ancient greeks look like, hope this article is useful.





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