BEAUTIFUL! 50+ Scandinavian Living Room Design IDEAS

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The family room is a place where all family members gather and work together. Having a beautiful family room interior with the right décor, will certainly provide comfort for all residents.
For those of you and your family who like a clean, spacious, and airy look, Scandinavian interior style can be an option. Scandinavian interiors are very suitable to be applied to a small room. This style of interior design is very special. The interior of skandi looks simple, neat, and minimalist, making a small room look more spacious, as well as of course style.

Scandinavian-style living rooms require sunlight as a source of natural lighting, contemporary graphic patterns, and white dominance. The use of simple and not large furniture is also highly recommended to get a strong Nordic interior impression.

Neutral Colors in Scandinavian Living Rooms

White is a color that characterizes Scandinavian style, which is able to give the impression of spacious and bright. Even so, you do not only have to use white for the room with this scandinavian interior style choice.
In addition to white, you can also present other color options such as beige, gray, brown, black, and khaki. As an accent, in a skandi-style interior can be presented a choice of pink or yellow. This is to give the impression that the room does not feel monotonous. Or use a choice of pastel colors that can give a fresh and inconspicuous impression of the eye

Wood Elements

Wood is an embodiment of incorporating natural elements or elements with the aim of displaying a natural impression into a Scandinavian-style space. This design element can also appropriately give a warm impression in a room dominated by white.

Carpets and Sofa Pillows

The presence of patterned carpets and pillows adds warmth to the Scandinavian-style living room. Carpet becomes one of the interior elements that are able to give a broad impression, has a function as a zoning, in addition to of course decorative aspects that add a beautiful appearance to any room. The important thing to remember is, adjust the motif and shape of the carpet with other interior decorating elements in order to have design alignment.
As a complement, add sofa pillows that also add warmth and comfort in the Scandinavian living room. Linen pillows, knits, faux fur, or even all three at once can make the family room has a warm and comfortable atmosphere.


Wall hangings in a Scandinavian Living Room

As a sweet finishing touch, you can decorate the walls of the living room with various decorations, such as photos, paintings, or inspirational quotes. Decorating a Scandinavian-style living room with many displays of wall art is the best and most ideal way to show personality and character.



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