7 Tips Kitchen Ideas For Remodeling

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The kitchen is indeed a special room and is often called the heart of the house. This very important function requires you to design the kitchen in the best style. Modern kitchen becomes one of the privileges that you can give to the kitchen with its characteristics that are more dominated by simple design, minimal detail, clean, and very neat.

In addition to the design, the modern concept remodeling  in the kitchen also means that the kitchen  is designed according to needs taking into account the activities carried out by its users. Kitchen with modern design concept is very concerned about the comfort of the owner when doing activities there. Interested in creating a modern kitchen at home? Practice the tips below.

1. Choose Top Table with Solid Surface Material

One of the trends of modern kitchens remodeling is the use of top tables of solid surface materials such as granite or marble in white, silver, or black. In order not to seem dull or monotonous, you can add accentuation using bright colors such as red, orange, or green on some kitchen ornaments.

2. Use Stainless Steel Materials

The modern kitchen remodeling has an elegant and contemporary look. For that, the main choice in modern kitchen design usually uses kitchen utensils from stainless steel materials. This material is used in various parts such as stoves, sinks, microwaves, refrigerators, and so on. In addition to stainless steel, another material that can be used is tempered crystal glass. In addition to being famously tough and durable, these materials are able to add to the allure of the kitchen with its luxurious and elegant appearance.


3. Take Advantage of GeometricAlly Shaped Backsplash

If you have a kitchen with neutral colors and do not have other elements that stand out, then the backsplash is a part that can be used to highlight bright colors and patterns and be bolder. The geometric design of mosaic tiles can give a simple yet still modern look.

4. Complete with Kitchen Cabinet

In modern design, the kitchen remodeling  should always look clean and neat. Well for this neatness, you can equip it with a kitchen cabinet with a lot of tracked. Its use is of course to store various cooking and eating utensils. You can also use some open drawers taped to the wall to store a collection of cookbooks or to put a little decoration such as small plants or fresh flowers.

5. Add Smoke Sucker

Don’t want the whole house to smell when cooking? Maintain the air quality in the kitchen by using a smoke sucker. This smoke sucker can also simultaneously support the re-circulation of air by recirculation to stay clean. So, guaranteed your cooking smoke will not spread throughout the house and disturb other residents.

6.Use a Planting Stove

Still the age of using a large stove that takes up a lot of space on your kitchen table? To add a modern impression to the kitchen use a flush planting stove or flat stove surface with a top table and a refrigerator placed next to each other. Also complete the kitchen with water reservoir features and mini bar to strengthen the modern impression in your home.

7.Apply Back-lit Techniques

By adding back-lit to the kitchen backsplash, it will create a modern look but still simple. Back-lit is capable of emitting beautiful light and shadows into the room. This technique is perfect for those of you who have a small kitchen because the reflection of light will glow throughout the room and make the room feel more spacious.

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