The Secret behind Chest Pain 6 Months after Quitting Smoking

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The Secret behind Chest Pain 6 Months after Quitting Smoking

Chest Pain 6 Months after Quitting – In United States ,Percentage of persons aged ≥18 years who reported cigarette use “every day” or “some days” the male smoking rate is 15,3% and the female smoking rate is 12,7%. We have probably realized since long time ago that this country is dominated by smokers for we can easily find them around us. Or, the high chance is we are the ones who make smoking as a habit, isn’t it?

Nowadays, it can be said that smoking has turned out to be a part of culture. You are not a real man if you do not smoke. You do not respect your friends if you do not lit a cigarette when getting together with them. And many other reasons which may force you at the beginning but then lead you to an addiction. On the other hand, it is not a secret anymore that the impacts of smoking are highly complicated. It can cause cancer, chest pain, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, diabetes, and chronic pulmonary diseases (COPD), and also increase the risk of tuberculosis, certain eye diseases, and problems of the immune system.

The Secret behind Chest Pain 6 Months after Quitting Smoking
The Secret behind Chest Pain 6 Months after Quitting Smoking

Meanwhile, on children, second-hand smoke will raise sudden infant death syndrome, acute respiratory infections, middle ear disease, and slowed lung growth. World Health Organization claims that tobacco causes death to more than 8 million people per year, including both smokers and non-smokers who experience second-hand smoke. Thus, it is obvious that there is no another way or alternative to reduce those risks other than to stop smoking. Becoming a quitter is the only choice we have to create a health environment for all people.

Nevertheless, we all know that speaking is much easier than taking action. Talking about theory is much simpler than practicing it. In the middle of the process of smoking cessation, there will be many obstacles we should encounter coming from both external and internal factors. From external factor, when we are in the circle of smokers, they will tempt us to go back to our old habit of smoking either directly or indirectly. And from internal factor, besides addiction which provokes anxiety, anger, or insomnia, one of the things that can make quitters uncomfortable is chest pain, especially 6 months after quitting smoking, and this unpleasant feeling is quite hard to get through.

As a matter of fact, chest pain 6 months after quitting smoking is a normal phenomenon. As an analogy, when we smoke, we are throwing up rubbish to the inside part of our bodies and hoarding it up. Hence, once we quit smoking, this rubbish is slowly released. This kind of pain does not mean that smoking cessation will make us sick or even make our condition worse. Our decision to commit smoking cessation is a chance for our body to take the healing process from the damage caused by tobacco use. Chest pain we experience is a signal that our lungs are cleaning themselves. They are trying to heal themselves.

We do not have any choice to skip this process, and there is no shortcut or magic pill to eliminate the discomfort after quitting smoking. Yet, we are not supposed to use this pain as the reason to give up avoiding smoking. Although it can be discouraging to quit smoking only to find ourselves not feeling better right away, this effort is definitely worth in the long run. For example, in one till nine months after quitting smoking, based on WebMD, we will start to cough less and breathe better because tiny hairs in our lungs called cilia begin to grow back. Even just within 20 minutes of smoking cessation, our heart rate will return to normal. With this precious result, we must realize that the chest pain 6 months after quitting smoking is nothing, compared to the great risks we must endure if we continue it.

Chest Pain 6 Months after Quitting Smoking

Whenever we feel the chest pain, practicing breathing deeply will help a lot. If this pain is too hard for some of us, we can also quit smoking over a period of six weeks so that our lungs can detoxify slowly and smoke as we learn to quit. It is because when we quit smoking abruptly, we might be so traumatized by our physical symptoms and then end up seeking medical help. The key is we must first understand our mental and physical condition and select the best treatment in accordance with it. Furthermore, there are some tips to make the cleaning process of our lungs go easier.

  • Avoid other smokers

As has been explained previously, other smokers are likely to induce our desire to smoke and cause us to relapse. Other than that, second-hand smoke and smoke from other sources, such as fire, will also irritate our lungs. It is a way better for us to be in a non-smoker circle or environment and prevent ourselves from any kind of smoke.

  • Stay ventilated and clean

Having a clear air in our houses or living spaces is an important thing to encourage our lungs recover quickly after quitting smoking. We can try sleeping with windows open to let in the fresh air and vacuuming our households frequently. Certain house plants will also help to create a healthy air, such as rubber tree, peace lily, or spider plant.

  • Watch out our diet

In order to decrease the production of mucus in our lungs, in which the increase of mucus will harden them to heal after smoking cessation, there are some foods we must avoid. They are dairy products (milk, cheese, yoghurt, cream, butter, and kefir), candies and sweets (cakes, pastries, and gelatin), processed foods (fast food and frozen food), caffeine (coffee, tea, and soda), and mild mucus producers (nuts, avocado, mushrooms, potatoes, etc.). Meanwhile, there are also some foods and drinks to consume so that our lungs are able to recover soon, such as pineapple, honey, spicy roots, citrus fruits and berries, green tea, and lemon water.

Despite its hardship at the beginning, smoking cessation will be the healthiest thing we ever do, and chest pain 6 months after quitting smoking will be just a piece of cake. Do not forget to build a strong motivation and educate ourselves to do it right so that we are able to always stay in the right track.

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