Get To Know More Advantages Of Transportation

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advantages of transportation

Get To Know More Advantages Of Transportation. The definition of transportation is the movement of goods and people from the place of origin to the destination. Meanwhile, according to Sukarto, the definition of transportation is the movement from one place to another by using means of transportation, whether driven by human power, animals (horses, cows, buffaloes), or machines. The concept of transportation is based on the existence of a trip between origin and destination.

Get To Know More Advantage Of Transportation


advantages of transportation
advantages of transportation

Definition  and Elements of Transportation

According to Wikipedia, the definition of transportation is the movement of people or goods from one place to another by using a vehicle driven by humans or machines. In the sense of transportation, there are elements that are closely related to the running of the concept of transportation itself. The elements in the transportation are as follows:

  • Humans in need
  • Items needed
  • Vehicle as a tool/means
  • Roads and public transportation infrastructure

The definition of transportation is very diverse based on the experts. However, what is written above is an outline and a general definition of transportation. Understanding transportation in the future may experience many developments due to technological advances. But the basic concept of understanding advantage of transportation above must be understood as the basis and history of transportation. Also pay attention to related articles yegisa (vijaysar) tree.

Advantages of Transport And its Functions

The functions and benefits of transportation are classified into several important sections. Transportation has a function that is divided into two, namely facilitating the flow of goods and people and supporting development development (the promoting sector). While the benefits of transportation are divided into three classifications, namely:


The purpose of economic activityis to meet human needs by creating benefits and financial. Transportation is activity by changging goods and money or for trading, so that it will lead to transactions. Advantage of transportation in economic field very important.


Transportation provides various facilities, including:

  • Services for individuals or public
  • Exchange or delivery of information
  • Travel to relax
  • Shorten the distance
  • Scatter population.


Transportation creates unity, wider service, national security, dealing with disasters, etc. Advantage of transportation for political field is so good also.

Territorial Benefits

Meet the needs of residents in cities, villages, or hinterlands, especially those related to circulation and mobilization as well as development incentives.

Types of Transportation and Transportation Equipment, Land transportation

Land transportation is selected based on factors such as the type and specification of the vehicle, the distance traveled, the purpose of the trip, the availability of the means of transportation, the size of the city and the density of settlements, socio-economic factors. There are so many advantage of transportation Examples of land transportation modes are motor vehicles, trains, carts pulled by animals (horses, cows, buffalo), or humans.

Air Transport

Air transportation can reach places that cannot be reached by land transportation or sea transportation, besides being able to move faster and have a straight trajectory, and practically free of obstacles. Examples of air transportation such as airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, etc.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is all means of transportation in which passengers do not travel using their own vehicles. Public transportation generally includes trains and buses, but also includes airline services, ferries, taxis, and others. Advantage of transportation very necessary in people life.

The concept of public transportation itself cannot be separated from the concept of public transportation. The definition of public transportation based on the Decree of the Minister of Transportation Number. 35 of 2003 concerning the Implementation of People’s Transportation on the Road by public transportation, namely Public Vehicles are any motorized vehicles provided for use by the public for a fee, either directly or indirectly.

Benefits of Using Public Transportation, What Are?

It is undeniable that the traffic conditions in the capital are getting worse day by day. Congestion has succeeded in draining a lot of people time every hour they go to and from work. It can be estimated that we have wasted about 8 to 22 days every year just to enjoy the chaotic scenery and air pollution. Advantage of transportation for public is very useful.

This of course does not move from people who are reluctant to use public transportation. In fact, if we get used to using public transportation, at least we can help reduce the level of congestion. It all starts with a habit. Using public transportation, especially for those who have sufficient capacity to use private vehicles, may tend to feel very tiring.

However, without realizing it there are many benefits and advantages that can be obtained. Here are some of the benefits and advantage of transportation which is public transportation:

Save Expense

The first benefit and the one that has the most impact on us as users of public transport is saving on expenses. Just imagine, if you use a motorized vehicle, you are required to pay for fuel and parking fees. If we estimate, for these two things alone we have spent at least Rp. 450 thousand for fuel and Rp. 100 thousand for parking fees.

If the expenditure figures for transportation costs are calculated, it reaches Rp. 550 thousand per month. Can you imagine a four-wheeled vehicle user? Of course the expenditure will be more than the users of two-wheeled vehicles. Let’s compare if you switch to using public transportation. Advantage of transportation by public very important and necessary.

More Practical

The second benefit and advantage if using public transportation is that it is more practical. Maybe at this point there will be many pros and cons. For the cons, it might be much more practical if they drive a private vehicle.

No need to jostle or queue long. In fact the advantage of transportation, if you take public transportation, you don’t need to be upset because you face congested roads, compete to get parking spaces and not to mention arguing with fellow road users who are negligent while driving. Public transport users can enjoy the trip while listening to music or reading a book on the train, if they choose to use this facility.

Practice Discipline

Getting used to using public transportation means getting used to being more disciplined. This will encourage us to get up early and go to work early. What boss wouldn’t be happy if you always got to work on time?. Also pay attention to related articles what do turkish people look like.

We will learn tolerance if we take public transportation every day. Learn to prioritize older people, give pregnant women a seat, or allow friends with special needs to have more space. Public transportation will help and facilitate to hone a sense of tolerance. This is also the advantage of transportation.

Increase Patience

Not infrequently we will find annoying people. Do not know the rules, want to win alone, or worse endanger others. If we take public transportation, we will get used to dealing with things like this whose output will help increase patience. We will become individuals who are resilient and patient in dealing with various situations. There are explanation about advantages of transportation. Hope this article is useful.




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