100+ Bedroom Ideas For Women

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bedroom ideas for women is of course different and not as happy as a bedroom for men. Usually women’s bedrooms put forward a game of feminine colors such as pink, peach, purple, and pastel colors. However, a woman’s bedroom must still be adjusted to each personality. Although the items in a woman’s bedroom tend to be more from large items to small accessories, but the women’s bedroom must be arranged in such a way as to keep it neat and attractive.

100+ Bedroom Ideas For Women

The women not only make the room as a place to unwind but also as a place to me time, and do various personal activities. There are many types of women’s bedrooms. The concept is restored to the tastes and personalities of its owners who are also diverse.

  1. Vintage Style Women’s Bedroom

Vintage style is quite suitable for women with feminine personalities and likes small accessories that smell classic but simple. The feel of a beige brown room will certainly provide comfort and tranquility for people who do not really like the crowded atmosphere. Vintage rooms are very comfortable to do book reading activities. Therefore, in a vintage style women’s bedroom can be added a natural wooden colored bookcase and also a comfortable reading sofa.

  1. Pastel-Patterned Women’s Bedroom

Pastel colors are very sweet and very suitable for girls to teenagers. Pastel colors seem more soft and feminine so it fits perfectly with a woman’s personality. In addition, pastel colors provide comfort and tranquility and are able to restore a bad mood back to good. Recently pastel colors not only seem monotonous because the pastel colors used for women’s bedrooms are combined with a chic sabby style that displays a cheerful impression on a woman’s bedroom. Pastel color combinations that you can use include a combination of light green with light blue, combination of pink with peach, combination of purple with white, etc.


  1. Bedroom Concept of Idol character or Figure

Although it seems that a bedroom like this is suitable for children, but many women also juggle their rooms into concepts such as movie characters they like, or character figures they idolize. For example, the woman idolizes disney princess, well the bedroom can be transformed into a princess bed style with disney merchandise trinkets that are widely sold from both official stores and others. Of course this bedroom is very fun for the owner because the owner will feel happy and feel that it is the bedroom of their dreams.

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