This game was made by 6 people during 48 hours of global game jam. It was selected as the best game of the GGJ 2010 Turkey among 19 others.
It’s also selected as one of the 10 “must play” games of GGJ among hundreds of others.

Swaps N’ Traps is a platform game. The main character is an astronaut, who lands on an alien planet and finds himself in a weird cave. Main character is controlled by arrow keys or WASD. Game consists of several levels, where the player has to collect a key and reach a door to advance to the next level. However, this is not a regular platformer. Quadrants of the game screen are loosely screwed to each other, and they often tend to swap places, sometimes accompanied by flips and rotations. Each level also contains traps of several types. Player tries to finish the game against all odds.

Read more on GGJ 2010 page: GGJ 2010 Swaps N’ Traps

Game Design: TIRT
Programming: Ali Batı
Trailer Animation Serhat Bayılı
Art & Animation: Abdullah Taha Müslümanoğlu & Elif Buğdaycıoğlu & Zeynep Bilirgil Direskeneli
Music & SFX: Alpan Aytekin
Host: GGJ 2010 @ Metutech ATOM Turkey



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