The first project of Extunda, “SmartStart”, is the foster child of an interdisciplinary approach. “Akıllı Başlangıç” (planned alias “Smart Start” in other countries), is a comprehensive child development program targeting children of ages 4 through 6, drawing heavily from an academic foundation.

The project brings together Educators, Software Developers and Psychologists in its development phase in order to create a triangle of excellence, therefore combining together three different parties who join their efforts to create a superior ground on child development. Following this period our users, children, will benefit from the synergy resulting from seamless access to relevant real time data from all parties involved in a child’s development.

Client: Extunda
Developer: Ahmet Ali Batı
Design & Animation: A. Taha Müslümanoğlu, Hakan Taşkıran, Işılay Olgun



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