Roby is a Global Game Jam 2013 game which is done in 48 hours from concept to end.

I really liked the theme this time, actually I loved every GGJ theme ever. In 2010, it was “deception”, which we came up with a very original game design: Swaps N’ Traps.  In 2011, the theme was “extinction” which we covered the theme mostly around the story: Divided We Fall. In 2012, I failed to join the jam due to terrible weak I had at that time and really bad weather conditions. The theme was Ouroboros. Actually, it was a picture of Ouroboros. And this year, they played a sound file to announce the theme, it was “Heart Beat.” I wonder what will they come up with next year.

Developer: Ali Batı
Art: Yusuf Artun
Sound: Doğaç Yavuz


“Roby is a child robot. But it’s not an ordinary one. It is the first test subject of real heart plant. It was a success. But when other robots tried to end the experiment and take the heart back, Roby escaped. The game is a side-scroller shooter where taking damage makes you more angry and boosts your weapon. There is no death condition, but every heart beat makes your heart older. You can complete the game no matter what you do, but to complete it with a young heart and be happy, you need to be careful about challenges you can face.”

What I’m really happy about the game:

  • Visual Design: Yusuf did a great job on art design of the game. The quality of his works are too damn good for a jam game. I’m very luck to be able to work with great artists on every jam.
  • Music: Dogac finished the musical piece of the game in couple of hours after we decided to concept. That music kept our motivation high through the jam, and I believe it’s just perfect. I still listen to that song.
  • Idea: I believe we’re on the right route. The idea of making the game easier when the player face bigger challenges is something I want to do more experiment about. Roby is a really good example of that.

What I’m not happy about the game:

  • The mechanics are not clear. Players can easily think that Roby’s getting more powerful in time or he’s getting more powerful by collecting scraps. Actually he gets more powerful when he gets damage, and when he takes enough damages he enters to a rage and comes back with another weapon.
  • No sound effects. Although Dogac designed some of them, I couldn’t find time to implement those.
  • Balance: There is none.
  • Replayability: There is none. The game ends way too quickly. But it’s a jam game after all. We have some cool plans to make this one a better / real game!

If you have any ideas about what should real Roby look like / feel like, let me know in the comments!

Link to Jam submission, more info, source code, screenshots etc.

CLICK HERE to play the game on your browser.



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