Client: Armor Games
Game Design:
 Ali Batı
Story: Selçuk Bor & Ali Batı
Programming: Ali Batı
Art: Ali Batı
Sound: Symphony of Specters

Once, the Kupapians were a peaceful folk. They knew not of the anger and hate that could fill one’s soul, and as a result they were all of them blessed with lives of joy and harmony. Well, not all of them. There was one of the Kupapa people, shunned, and cast aside for he had no room in his heart for the love and elation that filled the rest of his kind. He was banished, a memory erased seemingly forever from the mind of the Kupapa people. And then the creatures came, mercilessly invading the Kupapa who, without a hint of animosity in their heart, could not defend themselves. They would be forced to turn to an outcast, and the outcast would become the Legend of Kupapa.

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