Jack in the Box had started as a 2 day project but ended in a month including the marketing & sponsorship agreements.
It was a concept which I first thought about in 2010’s global game jam but we were agreed to develop another game -which turns out to be Swaps N’ Traps– So I never had the chance to develop the mechanics.

So, when I quit my daily job and started making my own games, I decided to start with Jack in the Box. Glad I did that because game was a success both in terms of financial and getting nice attention.

Client: Not Doppler
Ali Batı
Ali Batı & Argentin
 Kevin MacLeod

Jay is Games


The game had been published on 26.05.11. Here are some reports from 1 week period after the game goes in the wild.
It’s been played 810.000 times across the world with an average of 12 minutes 23 seconds.
That’s about 600M seconds stolen from humankind. That’s 10M minutes, 166K hours, 7K days and 19 years. Take that world! I stole your precious.
Traffic is mostly from United States followed by my beautiful country, Turkey from a total of 184 countries.

90.000 players clicked to sponsor’s logo. That is about %11 CTR. That’s why sponsors pay us money so that people can play these flash games free on the internet.

Only 4500 players clicked to Credits, 1200 of them visited developer’s site (here) from there.

Some levels were a lot harder than the others. That peaks are from level 9 and 14. In level 9, people died 1.5M times. In level 14, this number goes up to 2.1M.
%11 of the people completed the whole game. I don’t how to  judge this value. Most of those who failed were probably rage quited the game which means I suck at level design. Those peaks are needed for sure put need to be smoother. I’ll consider it on future games.



Game features an editor section which you can make your own levels and share with the world. Original game has 30 levels. There are 3500 user created levels which I found some of them really original & fun. This clearly shows us that the mechanic of controlling multiple characters with different characteristics has a lot more way to go.

Some more facts occured in this week:
Game is front-paged by Kongregate and stayed there for 4 days. I got a screenshot when it was first put there. I’m honored that it did.
Game is reviewed by JayIsGames, it’s beautiful. Read it here if you are interested:
Tasselfoot made a complete walkthrough about the game. Take a look if you are stuck on a level:
Spielaffe.de (kraloyun.com) made a 4 minutes long commentary about the game. It’s in German and I can’t understand it but I’m proud of it:
I made Colin Northway (of Fantastic Contraption) and Sarah Northway (of Rebuild) play the game and they helped me a lot on both improving the game and sponsorship. They have the coolest game development blog in the world: Northway Games
I made Edmund McMillen (of Super Meat Boy) play the game and I think he really liked the mechanics. He gave me cool advices.

About sponsorship:

Game is sponsored by Not Doppler. It’s a primary sponsorship. John is one of the coolest sponsor I’ve ever worked with. He is fast, he pays well and he is very kind. It took us some time to work on branding. (Several e-mails and time consumed.) But those were all my faults. If you ever had the chance to work with him, don’t miss it.

So, I’m really happy with the results. As an indie game developer, I have some money to continue living and develop my next game.




  • MEHMET BATI says:

    I’m very proud of being your father. Hope you got some of your talents and most of your cleverness from your DAD! Wish you the best of everything, health and happiness in the first place. I experienced that nothing actually matters if you have these two, the rest probably comes after if you are as clever and as persistant as you are. Feel free to ask any advice about life, I ruined mine pretty good !! The same about women !!!!

  • aras says:

    ^ Best comment ever 🙂

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