All That Matters is by far my biggest project. It took more than 4 months from start to finish. Also took around a month to close a deal in sponsorship process. It’s the story of Walter, who tries to reunite his unloving family.

It was a concept which I first thought about in 2010’s global game jam but we agreed to develop another game -which turns out to be Swaps N’ Traps- So I never had the chance to develop the mechanics. It was a good chance to start developing it after Jack in the Box, since they are lots of similarities between those two.

Client: Kongregate
Developer: Ahmet Ali Batı
Story: Nedim Murat Gür
Art: Ahmet Ali Batı, Sean Parnell
Voice: Sean Crisden
Music: JewelBeat
Sound Effects: Alex Petersen, Reyson Sioson

Walkthrough: Tasselfoot
Review (English): Jay is Games
Review (Turkish): Tom’s OyunDijital Oyun
Mentions(Turkish): Konsol ÜssüOyungezerBölüm Sonu CanavarıMerlin’in KazanıMarv-indieFareler Oyunda
Interviews(Turkish): Konsol Üssü(video)Dijital Oyun(text)Leader Gamer(text), Oyungezer (2-2012)
Awards: Crystal Pixel Best Aesthetics & Best Story awards, Oyungezer Community Award for best local game, Kongregate weekly 2nd place, MyPlayYard weekly editor’s choice

Attention that the game recieved from players & media was mind blowing experience for me. I’ve never expected such positive feedback. It got 4.1 score from kongregate players along with very nice comments, reviewed by jayisgames and some other Turkish game media sites, recieved lots of great feedback from game developers. I’m very happy that players appreciated the long intro & story in general. I had a lot of concerns about the 2 minutes intro at the start of the game but both comments and statistics showed that most of the people did not skip intro.

So far, game has been played more than 35 million times worldwide, with an average play time of 25 minutes. Most of that traffic is coming from U.S and China followed by Turkey (my country) and Germany.



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  • Myrto says:

    Hey, can you let me know please which was is the title of the music used in All That Matters from Jewelbeat?
    Thank you.

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