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Starting New Devlog Series: Roby

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Okay, here’s the deal: I’ll write more about the progress of my newest game. It’s called Roby for now. But it will change, so don’t fall in love with the name.

Roby is a roguelike shooter where our main character is a cowboy robot with a heart. Yeah, our keywords are: guns, robots, hearts, western, duel

I will keep the first post really simple, listing the main features of the game. I will be explaining those in details later.

– Quick battles:  One of the most important feature I want Roby to have is really quick and tense battles. Every encouter should end around 10 seconds.

– Different control scheme: Almost every shoot ‘em up game on mobile uses dual stick controller with the option of auto-attack. Roby won’t have that.

– Rogue-like elements: Nothing new here, the game will feature rogue-like elements like perma-death & upgrade pools.

– Enemy Upgrade system: The game will feature an enemy upgrade system where the enemy units will evolve differently during every game session.

– Story: I know that only a small portion of mobile players really care about the story behind games but I don’t care. I want Roby to have a good story behind and will do my best to build that.

That’s all for now! I will talk about the combat mechanics and control scheme in details next week.


All That Matters

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The game I’ve been working on for last 4 months: It’s called All That Matters.

It’s about a father trying to re-union his seperated family.

I used to hate working on this game, but in the end I really liked the way it turned out.

It’s coming soon. Not very soon, haven’t even started looking for sponsor yet. If everything goes as planned it will be out in November. Like before, it will be free to play from your favorite browser.

More info about the game and hopefully a trailer will be coming soon. Really soon. Until then, <3


Procedural Map Generation Part 2

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Here is the second part. New features:

  • Minimap! Click and move your mouse over minimap to move around. (You can also use WASD to move across the map.)
  • 16×16 awesome graphics. (sarcasm)
  • Some objects. ( trees, rocks, fishies!)

Actually I tried adding infinite maps and achieved it but maps looked weird and borders of chunks were so clear that it bothered me a lot. So, until I found a way to make good looking maps, maps will be finite.

So, what’s next? What should be next? My plan for the near future:

  • Character, movement and collision.
  • Shaping the terrain.
  • Inventory!
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Procedural Map Generation Part 1

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Working on sth like Minecraft2d and need to generate some maps for it.

This is what came out after half an hour of work. More to come for sure.

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TODO List:

– Better graphics.

– It’s pointless to try generating the whole map. Instead, I guess it’s better to generate on the fly as player needs it. I’m not sure of this. Maybe the best is to generate enough big map and only show closer ones.

– A way to move across the map.

– Zoom in/out.