Starting New Devlog Series: Roby

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Okay, here’s the deal: I’ll write more about the progress of my newest game. It’s called Roby for now. But it will change, so don’t fall in love with the name.

Roby is a roguelike shooter where our main character is a cowboy robot with a heart. Yeah, our keywords are: guns, robots, hearts, western, duel

I will keep the first post really simple, listing the main features of the game. I will be explaining those in details later.

– Quick battles:  One of the most important feature I want Roby to have is really quick and tense battles. Every encouter should end around 10 seconds.

– Different control scheme: Almost every shoot ‘em up game on mobile uses dual stick controller with the option of auto-attack. Roby won’t have that.

– Rogue-like elements: Nothing new here, the game will feature rogue-like elements like perma-death & upgrade pools.

– Enemy Upgrade system: The game will feature an enemy upgrade system where the enemy units will evolve differently during every game session.

– Story: I know that only a small portion of mobile players really care about the story behind games but I don’t care. I want Roby to have a good story behind and will do my best to build that.

That’s all for now! I will talk about the combat mechanics and control scheme in details next week.

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