Domination – Devlog Update 1

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Being one of the Lords in a randomly generated world, you will try to get more lands, discover better technologies, have bigger army and crush your opponents! That’s pretty much all about “The Lord”.

Platform: Flash

Genre: Simulation & Strategy

Inspirations: Game of Thrones(books), Civilization, Rebuild


Devlog Video 1:





There are 4 main elements in the game that lords can focus. Economy (Trading ), Army (War), Food (Farming), Technology (Science).

Being one of those lords, you will be able to easily change the ratio of how much you want to focus on these elements. I decided to make the game realtime simulation rather than turn-based. At least I want to see how it goes. So you can change those ratios anytime you want and see its effect. Actually that’s the biggest interaction player will do in the game.

There are lots of other things that lords must decide. Technology is one of them. There will be around 40 technologies with their own prerequisities. Pretty much Civilization style, you will decide which technology to discover and according to your tech rate & population & some other stuff, you will manage to discover that technology in time and select another one.

Technologies will affect the game in many ways. Let me give a few examples.
Writing: Allows to communicate with lords.
Mathematics: Allows to calculate income / outcome.
Migrating: Decreases the required army (10 / 20 / 30%) for invading empty lands.
Currency: Generates 3 / 5 / 7% additional income.
Mining: Generates additional gold per land each season.
Scouting: Allows to see 2 hex beyond your lands.
Sailing: Allows to sail to other continents.

So, technology was one of the things that player decides, what else?
There will be relations with other lords, they will demand something from you if they feel more powerful or even you will have the chance to demand if you have proper tech.

There will be completely random events (diseases, natural disasters, people disappearing, foods getting corrupted) that you can only read the result.

There will be simple YES-NO questions like “One of the villagers wants 10 gold for his loss of child fighting for you. Would you like to give the money / or kill the peasant.”
(okay that was not a yes-no question.)
or, 15 soldier of fortune wants to join you for 100 gold. Do you accept?
stuff like that.

I guess that’s all for now. I will try to keep this devlog updated, so if you want to learn more, have any suggestions or questions, shoot me in the comments.
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