Best Birthday Present Ever

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Meet Greer family, from my latest game, “All That Matters”.
From left to right: Mr. Greer, Sydney, Walter, Billy, Toby.
They are all tailored with love for my birthday by Gökçe Altun.
It’s the best birthday present I’ve ever got.




  • The best game experience that most trap me, nice mechanics, nice history.. this excellent mutherfuker game makes me cry. cause as game designer and a very conected feelings man of family, i always try to make a game as this, its increible, it always that i want in my game.
    Again…excellent job man…finger up.

  • Guro says:

    I really liked the game, but the ending was sad, that ***** ******* (no spoilers :))… 🙁 and it should be more levels…, but now its to late ***** ****** **** *****… 🙁

  • Omar Hu says:

    could you make a second? only to say he was in a coma or perhaps another tramatic incident that made the player believe he died? it’s just that, the ending’s so sad 🙁

  • Fernando says:

    How beautiful! 😀 I wish I had those dolls too! Anyway great game, it made me cry. You with just a simple flash game transmitted a powerful emotion that no big company game has ever been able to do and you should be proud of it. Keep it up!

  • Zanbato says:

    You should make all that matters 2 where billy is an adult and has a wife and two kids of his own and instead of having mr.greer as an old man have mrs.greer (sydney as an old woman)

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